Saturday, October 16, 2010

Homemade CHRISTmas gifts

We WISK you a Merry Christmas! My husband thinks it is corny, but it made me smile!

 Vanilla Sugar:
This stuff is SUPER expensive if you order it, but so easy to make at home!
2 cups organic sugar and 1 vanilla bean split down the middle and cut in half. Store in a jar for AT LEAST 2 weeks, preferably a month, then pour flavored sugar (minus the beans)  into your decorated jar. You can even use the beans again in your next batch!
*I order my beans from Azurestandard.com, but you can find them at grocery stores and health food stores too.
It is so yummy in hot chocolate,tea, baked good, horchata and so much more!

House Seasoning:
 1/2 c coarse salt (I use REAL salt)
1/8 c coarsely ground pepper
1/8 c garlic granules/powder
Mix well and package. 


  1. I 'wisk' I would have thought of that!

  2. Just ONE vanilla bean for how much sugar? or how big of a jar? & where do you find vanilla beans? ;-)

    I LOVE tea & I bet this would be a yummy tea sweetner....

  3. Your gifts look so cute! They sound good too. Thanks for linking up to A Handmade Christmas!

  4. How beautiful! I love the idea of handmade beauty. So personal and practical :-)

  5. we love to make things like this for our homemade baskets we give away!!! your jars look wonderful!

  6. we fill the wisk with kisses..the chocolat kind, we wisk you a merry kissmas..and i usually include a nice tea towel

  7. the vanilla sugar sounds awesome!

  8. where do you get vanilla beans from? if anyone knows please email me at breakingdawn1001@gmail.com

  9. I like your homemade gift ideas!

    I like the wisk too! I'd love for someone to give me new one - my handle falls off every time I use it :)

  10. Do you have to use organic sugar for the Vanilla Sugar mix?

  11. Does the sugar have to be organic? And . .. can you reuse the bean? I bought my vanilla bean from Whole Foods for $6 for someone who asked . . . you can make your own vanilla extract, by filling the bottle it comes in (maybe 1/2 cp), with vodka, and letting it sit for at least a month.

  12. Where do you get the little jar that the house seasoning is in? I think they're so cute!

  13. Where can the vanilla bean be purchased? Thanks.

  14. I get mine from Azure Standard (http://www.azurestandard.com/) but you can find them at any grocery store as well, they are just more expensive there.

    Yes, you can reuse the beans.

    I use organic sugar to make the gift extra special and more of a gourmet treat, but you could use regular.

    I get the spice jars at our local health food store.

  15. Do you leave the vanilla bean in or do you take it out before you put it in the cute jars to give away? Great idea!

  16. Penzey's has vanilla beans too!

  17. what great ideas. I have some vanilla sugar in the cabinet I need to get it out and make some hot tea.

    Thanks for linking up to Handmade Christmas 2012 (http://www.schneiderpeeps.com/2012/11/handmade-christmas-2012-edible-gifts.html#comment-form)


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