Sunday, March 14, 2010

Abigail turned 2!

My husband and I decided we would not have a party for Abigail this year, since he would be gone, and we did one last year, and she is too young to really remember or care anyhow. So I planned on just the the children and I, but remembered my dad is always disappointed that he misses all the parties since he has to work on Saturdays, so I decided to celebrate on his day off so he could join us. Then  as we were talking to Abigail about it almost being her birthday she was insistent that our friend’s baby come too (she LOVES babies, especially this little girl) so we invited the baby and her mother at the last minute as well!  Even though we didn’t have an actual party, I could not let an opportunity to celebrate the gift God has given me go by! So of course we decorated the house anyways! I get so much joy for how excited my children get by their birthdays, and I love to bless them by making them feel special on their birthdays!

Abigail loves all things pink, and she likes Blue’s Clues, but specifically Magenta (because she is pink) so we decided to have a "Magenta" birthday!

When thinking about a tablecloth, I could have paid $2 to get one made of plastic or paper from Walmart, but the best we could do then, was a pink one.  So I started thinking about what else I could use. Last year I used some pretty pink wrapping paper I had as the tablecloth, but all I had this year was red that I had bought at Target for .49 after Christmas.  But then I started thinking. I turned that over, and used a pink marker to draw pawprints on it. Ta da! A custom, matching tablecloth for less than 10 cents! My children thought it was genius!

Abigail helped me make her cake!

Which was a paw print of course!

This child is such a blessing to me. I have never heard "thank you" more times than I have in the last 3 days getting ready for her birthday!  Praise God for this answered prayer He has given us!

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