Saturday, April 11, 2009

Making army gift wrap

Andrew’s birthday is coming up, and the gifts have started coming in from grandparents. Well Grandpa’s gift is here, he doesn’t wrap, he leaves that up to me! And Peter has been working REALLY hard on a gift for Andrew this year. Since he is so big on stamp collecting and Andrew is always watching him saying how cool it is,  he saved up to buy Andrew an album and is giving him all his duplicates and he bought him some new ones as well.
Well Peter went to wrap the gift that he finished up yesterday, and found he had no more wrapping paper! Well, we had a little bit of pink from Abigail’s birthday and some Christmas paper  which wouldn’t do, and a roll of brown shipping paper. So I said "Why dont you use the brown paper and decorate it yourself, draw some army men or something" (the theme is ARMY). Well he came up with this and I was so impresed!

So when I went to wrap the present from Grandpa, I decided to take that idea and change it up a bit. I used my stamp inks and a sponge and sponged different shades of green and brown. Then Andrew came in and wanted to help so I let him do the black. He had a great time! I added a green tag with black letters and twine and was really pleased with how they turned out.

UPDATE: Finished gifts

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